Meet Vicki Magaw


In the summer of 2000, after years of "Someday" and "When we retire", my husband, Scott and I threw caution to the wind, left our home & jobs in the twin cities area, and followed our hearts to northern Wisconsin. 
Not long after that I decided to take another leap of faith & try to turn my long-time hobby of soapmaking into a business.
I originally started making soap in an effort to find something that wouldn't irritate my own extremely dry, sensitive skin. Once I got the hang of the basic process, I began to research the properties of different oils, and eventually developed the recipe that I use today in most of my soaps. 
I also make all-natural hand & body butters, and bath salts.
In addition to my bath & body products, I make soy candles, birdhouses (my husband builds them and I paint & decorate them), digitally enhanced original photo greeting cards, and have recently begun experimenting with fiber art.
While I doubt that I'll ever get rich doing this, I wake up every morning in a place I love, and look forward to doing something that I truly enjoy ...  Maybe I'm already rich after all.